Meet the Team

We are Jess and Lizzy.  We met while we were getting our MBAs from MIT Sloan School of Management, where we focused on businesses that contribute to a better world. We have worked on numerous projects together and have exchanged lots of ideas about how to fill the need for better sourcing and distribution of fresh produce to urban residents. Zocalo is our solution. Here’s a bit more about our backgrounds:

Elizabeth McVay Greene: I am really excited about the role that technology can have in enabling a healthier food system, for people and the environment.  While at MIT, I focused on food and agriculture, working with organizations ranging from a start-up in India that certifies small organic farmers and exports organic cotton and spices, to Cargill Cotton India and PepsiCo, where I participated in designing sustainable agriculture strategies.  I am a founder of the MIT Food and Agriculture Collaborative, and the organizer of the Food+Tech group on  One of the highlights of my spring was leading the “E-Food Revolution: Interactive Tools to Feed the World” session at the SXSW Interactive 2010 conference and meeting lots of other people who are committed to reinvigorating the food industry.  My commitment to food springs from a long-held love of the land and concern about human beings’ ability to sustain themselves and their environment for generations to come.

Jessica Mazonson: At MIT Sloan I focused on sustainability, sourcing, and branding and had the opportunity to work with companies around the world on projects ranging from agriculture supply chain sustainability at PepsiCo to a product launch strategy for an El Salvadoran alcoholic beverage distributor.  I also did an internship at Seventh Generation in their strategic sourcing department. Before Sloan, I worked as a management consultant for Gap International followed by a year starting a Fair Trade women’s cooperative in northern Peru.  I am passionate about creating regenerative value chains that are good for producers, consumers, and the earth. In my spare time I enjoy  yoga, traveling, and hanging out with the people I love.

Want to talk to us? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at


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