About Zocalo

Zocalo is a solution for getting fresh produce from the farm to the urban neighborhood equitably and conveniently. In response to the need for dependable access to direct-from-farm produce in the inner city, we are developing an inclusive platform through which under served communities can access the same nutritious food that more affluent consumers purchase at high-end groceries and farmers’ markets. We aim to do this by creating an online community of small- to medium-sized farms and urban neighborhoods that allows us to source in sufficient volume to serve households that until now have been left out of the fresh food revolution. We have a big vision – to transform the way people in all communities access nourishing food – but we’re just getting started.

We want to build this with you. Until we have a formal website up and running, we’ll use this blog to tell you what we’re up to and collect your feedback. Your comments, questions and ideas are really valuable. Please post and look for updates and announcements about how Zocalo is evolving!


One Response to “About Zocalo”

  1. Rimi June 26, 2010 at 8:15 am #

    Very exciting guys! This is a huge step towards solving one of the biggest health challenges from the source of the problem. I wonder if health insurance companies could be potential sponsors as often they pay the price of the poor food choices that lead to bad health. I look forward to reading about Zocalo’s progress.

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